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Mirage Noir

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Mirage Noir is a fictional dimension of Montreal where intermingle places and eras. Each scene is in direct relationship with a part of the city, its history and industrial architecture. The collection, still evolving, is now composed of fourteen different artworks, all of them taking place in Montreal. Inspired by the american “Film Noir” movies of the 1930s and 1940s, those high-resolution images are usually in black and white, but here and there can incorporate colors in some parts of the scene.

The main idea behind the collection is to highlight the aesthetic value of Montreal, its geographic and demographic aspects through a cinematographic approach. The charm of Montreal is manifested in all our artworks, whether through a light that shine on a man standing on the dilapidated streets of his neighborhood, a gentle mist at the port of Montréal along the St-Laurent River or a heavy rain that illuminates the pavement.

Our partnership with allows us to offer our images on various medias. Mirage Noir‘s artworks are available for purchase on impression framed prints, on brushed metal, plexiglass, phone case and even on comfortable cushions to add a warm and mysterious atmosphere to your home.

We sincerely thank you for your interest in Mirage Noir. Feel free to join us on our Facebook page to encourage us and be the first to see new artworks as they become available!